Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem

We are a competitive strategy consultancy.

That’s why “stratagem” is our name: Its very definition is “strategy specifically designed to accelerate profitable growth and advantage over a competitor, advantage in the marketplace.”) In other words—


We help executives create future competitive advantage

in ways more enlightened, strategic, proficient, preemptive. Through custom-consults, presentations and workshops, we help C-Suites, Boards and marketing teams assess and frame the essential challenges they must overcome to gain competitive advantage, then help them cast a multi-year strategic plan to achieve it.

Marsha Lindsay

We help execs future-proof and future-make their company, brand--and their own careers.

What execs learn from us serves them and their career ambitions for years to come. It’s essentially professional development using a state-of-the-art approach to problem identification and resolution; strategic thinking and planning; how to think about competitive strategy, how and where to find advantage; how to integrate and leverage it.


“Marsha’s been a coach, mentor and thought partner to me; a provocateur of all things customer-driven, brand-centric and purpose-laden. She notes trends 3-5 years in advance and crafts strategy to not only prepare but excel. Her capacity to challenge while inspiring is fuel for helping leaders to accelerate, grow and create new markets. Regardless of your role in the C-Suite, Marsha’s perspective will refresh and challenge you to discover success and define what’s next.”

President of American Family Insurance Group.

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Competitive Foresight

Is Branding (As A Growth Strategy) Dead?

Why are so many saying branding is dead as a growth strategy? Is it true? If not, what is branding’s current power? Its future potential? It was my pleasure to address all of these last week with a great MBA class at the University of Wisconsin Madison. The answers (complete with reams of data-based evidence across categories […]

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9 Ways Smart Leaders Never Waste A Crisis

Deploying these strategies outside of a crisis is practically guaranteed to future-proof and future-make your organization before the next one hits. A “crisis trifecta”—that’s what 2020 will be best known for: a global pandemic; the collapse of economies/supply chains/revenues; extreme social and political unrest. Wouldn’t it be great to know what did and didn’t work for […]

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Did You Know? Ability to Change Minds of Others Is Critical for Survival. Employability, Too!

We all have designs on others. And they on us. This desire to influence is innate: From humankind’s earliest days, to survive we had to persuade others to join in the hunt for the wooly mammoth, and agree on enemies to fight. Science tells us the brain actually evolved to want to change others. It’s […]

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What’s your playbook to deal with the future?

Humans famously discount the future. We humans famously discount the future and instead, obsess over the present. It’s a damning trait because with the pace of change now exponential, threats and opportunities long assumed to be years away are now arriving daily. This innate blindness to the future begs the question: How confident are you […]

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8 Common Blindspots That Damn Strat Planning Efforts, and How to Prevent Them.

It’s almost guaranteed there are blindspots in your strategic plans of the past, and the one you’re undertaking next. I should know. For decades I’ve participated in countless strat planning sessions; facilitating many of […]

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