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How to build a growth accelerator

Available as a keynote, half or full day workshop. Some companies have wisely engaged their c-suite and agencies to experience the same learning at the same time. It’s the kind of alignment that really increases the odds of accelerating growth and advantage over competitors.

Marketing effectiveness is declining. The reasons, and mitigating strategies, are surprising.

Independent studies from around the world confirm the decline. Our study not only identified what’s causing the diminished returns, but also, evidence-based strategies and best practices proving especially effective in overcoming the decline and actually accelerating growth.

  • Among reasons for the decline: KPI’s many C-Suites have of marketers that inadvertently thwart the very growth and advantage which the C-Suite charges marketers to produce!

  • Among the revelations on what’s now most effective in accelerating growth and margin: Marketing, branding and media mix strategies which econometric modeling reveals are powerful regardless of category. (Their effectiveness comes from leveraging how humans innately process information, regardless of situation.) Also among the most effective strategies: Those that drive long term brand equity while also lifting the results from short-term performance marketing. *

The new, more effective marketing strategies are interrelated, their impact additive. It’s why our playbook advises they be deployed at the same time to not only accelerate growth but also, to foster preemptive advantage.

C-Suites, boards and marketing teams that don’t know or support the new ‘effectiveness playbook’ will quickly find themselves in the dust of competitors that do.

*Sadly, many of the most effective strategies are not yet widely known: Some come from global organizations headquartered overseas. Some are expensive to access. But even marketers tuned into all that’s being published don’t have the time required to dive deeply into study findings; don’t have the time to parse out study conclusions validates those of other researchers; what’s particularly relevant to their situation. This is where Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem can be of help. Objectively assessing new and ongoing studies concerning what’s most effective in marketing is what we do, day after day.

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