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Additional offerings: keynote and workshop topics

We often get requests to provide custom research, a customized consult, speech or workshop related to our expertise in competitive advantage. Among those of the past few years, are these, now added to our offerings:

Habit: How to break, create and leverage it for your brand’s competitive advantage

Habits are estimated to drive 95% of human behavior. This means every category is defined by them. It means every leader is defined by the habits of its customers, prospects, employees, investors. Research finds that a lack of knowledge about how to break, create and leverage habit is why the vast majority of turnarounds fail, why new product launches fail, why branded content struggles to engage; why brand’s that once had competitive advantage easily lost it. This presentation and the ‘habit’ playbook it recommends are real eye-openers; performance game changers for any exec, entrepreneur and marketer.

Marsha Lindsay holding a brain while presenting

Why, and how, to have an effective purpose:

Our study detailed the hype about the so-called power of having a purpose, what approaches don’t work; what works and why. Our strategic playbook covers how to identify and leverage a purpose for measurable impact, accelerated growth and margin.

The Startup’s Marketing Playbook:

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For all the social cachet that being an entrepreneur brings, it’s a grueling job. Well- meaning family, friends and investors dole out advice. But most of it is usually based on anecdotes, emotion, and rules of thumb no longer useful. In contrast, this presentation provides a playbook of strategies proven to successfully position, launch and profitably scale an innovation or new brand.

How to be a more effective problem solver:

This is a “short course” on critical thinking, cost-benefit analysis, strategic planning—all things on which most executives never were officially trained; things they seldom link, even though their success as a leader is highly dependent on them.

The brand called YOU.

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Success requires us to persuade others to make decisions in our favor, yet few executives, salespeople, marketers or so-called change agents know what’s really most effective. Most advice from authors and motivational speakers is similar. So when many people apply it, it provides no particular advantage. In contrast, there is a playbook guaranteed to increase one’s ability to influence. It’s based on decades of research and scholarship in psychology, the statistical modeling of behavior, sociology and marketing. You’ll recognize the latter as the professional practice of influencing people’s behavior and having the data to prove it.

Why and how to market in your organization the value of marketing.

Most every Chief Marketing Officer today is only leveraging half the equation needed to be successful. That is, while diligently working to be an expert in marketing their brand to a targeted customer, they’ve neglected what is equally critical to the success of their brand and career: Marketing marketing’s value to those above and around them in the organization. This presentation provides a playbook with strategies that help any CMO get the understanding, support and investment they need to deliver the growth, margin and competitive advantage they were hired to deliver.

The crisis all content marketers face; how to mitigate it.

Strategies to accelerate growth vary from company to company. But one most all currently engage in—and prioritize—is known as “content marketing.” However, our study concludes that, as currently practiced by most companies, content marketing is highly unlikely to be a growth accelerator now, much less in the future. However, a deep dive into strategies around the world has found what’s working; a playbook for today’s digital, social and experiential world.

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