Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem


Available as a keynote, half day workshop. Recommended as component of workshop on effective marketing or strategic planning—both of which are enhanced by this futurecast:

Emerging marketplace dynamics every exec must grasp.

They include changes in consumer behavior, new revenue models, new operational models, disruptive technologies. One implication of these is the convergence of business strategy with marketing strategy and brand strategy. Others: An increase in brands entering adjacent lines of business; most every company facing a broader competitive set.

Research reveals that most executives do not grasp all that lies ahead of them. So, they’re not at all prepared. That’s unfortunate, because at the core of every leader’s responsibility is anticipating the future and addressing potential issues and opportunities early enough to keep the operation viable and successful.

Marsha Lindsay Presenting to a crowd

A partial remedy is this “futurecast” from Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem.

It’s based on extensive trend analysis, data from many sources, and the rigorous protocols of strategic forecasting. Its reveals universal challenges, but also, univeral opportunities; strategies likely to accelerate growth, margin and resiliency despite the pace of change; in spite of consumers and markets spooked by the future.

By shedding light on what lies ahead, this presentation helps any leader future-proof and future-make their organization, brand and career. Of particular note, it helps executives align their teams around the same right things so that future marketing strategies and strategic plans can be more enlightened and thus, more effective.

Among the elements covered in a presentation or workshop:

  • Why the problems one must solve will be increasingly defined as “Wicked.” The trio of new and inter-related competencies required to tackle them.

  • No matter one’s customer, location or category, the future business everyone will be in.

  • Why one’s ability to converge business strategy with marketing strategy and brand strategy predicts every organization’s future viability.

  • And 7 more…